Ermutigt jeden der seine Kreativität entfaltet

Encourage everyone to be creative

According to Mary Lou Cook, creativity means
“inventing, experimenting, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun”.
Creative people see things that everyone else also sees, but with their knowledge they make connections that no one else has seen.
Ermutigt jeden der seine Kreativität entfaltet
An idea is created by establishing connections between a certain problem and the already known and relevant findings, experiences and information and linking them in such a way that a possible solution is finally created. From this one can conclude that the quality and the number of the solutions found for a problem depend on the knowledge, with general problems thus on the general knowledge and with technical problems on the specialized knowledge of the person concerned. On the other hand, a lack of creativity can be observed in the case of experienced experts who consider their knowledge to be universally valid and inviolable.
Creativity requires the existence of problems for which solutions can then be found through thinking and learning. Frequently, however, problems are not (want to be) recognized in the first place and thus no need for creative thoughts arises.
But how can problems be detected ? Quite simply by questioning the correctness of one’s knowledge (e.g. regarding methods and tools currently used,…) or the knowledge of the other. The more often one does this, the more problems and gaps in knowledge one can recognize and the more creative thoughts can arise. From this one can draw the conclusion that self-critical people are more creative.
Another reason for a lack of creativity could be the insight quoted by “Anna Kirah” below:

“Many leaders do not recognize innovation when they have it in mind because they have no connection to the people for whom the innovations are intended.”

Anna Kirah is a design anthropologist specializing in user-driven innovation who has worked with companies such as Microsoft and Boeing.
Small companies can therefore find out, by being close to their customers, what concrete wishes and needs the customers have and thus identify innovations and attractive niches that the companies do not even consider.

Finally, I would like to briefly share my own insights as a creative with you.

I experienced creativity as something very beautiful, something very constructive and fulfilling. But only if I relate it to myself or my inner self.
On the outside, creativity is still very exhausting, with us in Germany. People ignore you for years, make you out to be crazy and smile at you. Friends turn away. Again and again, people come with claims pulled up by their hair, who know exactly that one cannot prove yet that it works and demand exactly that! When you have actually made it and have reached your goal for years on impassable paths through fog and thickets, the envious people come. You can justifiably say that the creative has a very hard time with regard to his fellow human beings (= society). What peace-loving and harmonious person comes up with the idea of being creative in Germany ?

My plea to you:

Help all to promote the creative. We urgently need people to develop their creativity. Encourage them to be creative. You don’t have to be conform with the ideas of the creatives, but you can let them be denigrated or condemned.
It is only the creatives who provide for our prosperity and create income.
With these you can also pay social services to your fellow human beings – without gigantic debt making and huge taxes.

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