Short Story: The Little Stream and the Desert

Once upon a time there was a small stream that came to the edge of a great desert.

He was afraid to go on.

The change and the unknown were not at all familiar to the stream.

He wanted to have more water and lead a more beautiful life, but the risk of drying out was also given.

But an inner voice told him not to be afraid and to continue quietly.

After some hesitation, the stream went on, even if it wasn’t there for him.

It got hotter and hotter and finally the little stream evaporated.

The ascended droplets gathered in the air. Soon they formed clouds, which moved over the desert.

The clouds traveled for many days, until they came behind the desert to the big sea.

There they rained empty. The little stream now became part of the endless sea and leads a much more beautiful life than it had ever dreamed of.

While the little stream let itself be carried gently by a wave, it thought with a smile: “Several times I have changed my way of life – and yet I am now more myself than ever before!

Author unknown.


This story shows why courage and determination to go the way are almighty alone.

We cannot know where a new path leads us.
Many of the worries and fears that we may have at the beginning of the path are perhaps just fantasies.

We can only judge it after we have gone the way!

Of course we lose some things that we have become fond of, but we may get something that we have not had before and that is even more valuable to us.

Only when we do something new can we gain new experiences and insights and develop further.

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