Der Internet-Werkzeugkasten

The Internet as a toolbox for your company

Perhaps do you think that entrepreneurs need to be familiar with everything, for example accounting, controlling, financing, management and marketing, human resources and legal matters. In addition, they should be able to manage employees and negotiate with banks, customers and suppliers.

Today an entrepreneur does not have to and can no longer do everything, it is sufficient if he is able to find the required information quickly and purposefully in sufficient quality.

In the meantime, there is a wide range of service providers around the world who fulfil a wide variety of tasks for their customers. Entrepreneurs with good ideas and well thought-out concepts for implementing these ideas can benefit greatly from these diverse service offerings.

Whoever formulates the individual tasks that arise within the framework of the practical implementation of his idea as precisely Der Internet-Werkzeugkastenas possible, can set off with very precise search queries to find the respectively suitable service providers on the Internet.

People with good ideas and viable concepts can put together their company from the appropriate range of services. These services can then be managed with the help of the Internet as far as possible independent of time and place.

One example of this is the numerous services that are now offered for setting up an online shop. These range from a simple rental shop or membership of a worldwide online marketplace to numerous standard solutions and open source solutions with which an online shop can be realised according to individual ideas. Of course, there are also numerous professional packaging and shipping service providers who deliver the products to the customer on site.

A practical example of a global service offering is the Personal Assistant, which arranges appointments, handles invoicing, initiates dunning procedures, organizes conferences and handles business correspondence. This personal assistant takes on many routine tasks that have to be done in everyday business and cost time, and is therefore a very valuable help for a sole trader.

It is therefore essentially a matter of having a good idea and developing a suitable concept for the practical implementation of this idea. This concept should also determine as precisely as possible which tasks we can carry out ourselves with pleasure and competence and which tasks we prefer to have carried out by suitable people. It is better to concentrate on one’s strengths and to leave those tasks which one cannot or does not want to carry out to others who can do it better or like to do it. These people or the services they offer have to be found with the help of appropriate search strategies.

A matching quotation from the book “Kopf schlägt Kapital” (Hanser-Verlag, 9/2008, 236 pages, ISBN-10: 3446415645) by Günter Faltin:

“Almost everything is available as components, and even in high perfection. First of all, there are professional markets in which the big players (so far) shop. These are exchanges or auctions with standardized products and quality levels. But there are also informal structures, such as Internet platforms, which allow access to manufacturers, even if they seem to produce at the other end of the world. Above all, however, there are professional service providers who take care of packaging and transport. In addition, practically free communication possibilities by e-mail, telephone or video conference, which radically improve the establishment of contacts and their costs.

Basically, we have at our disposal a huge toolbox plus an infinite number of building blocks from which we can think together an infinite number of new combinations. Just as Stanislaw Lem in the last century composed novels of the future from imagined high-tech components, today we can write economic fiction in which people combine their visions from an existing construction kit and its components.”  (S. 110)

This modular nature of enterprise makes it theoretically possible for individual enterprises and small businesses to compete with the big ones in the price and distribution of many products/services, without the cumbersome administrative machinery that makes large enterprises so inflexible and drives up their costs.

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