trust in your abilities and believe that you can do great things

One of the most important hurdles each of us has to overcome is to trust himself and his abilities more. We all have talents, passions and values which enable us to do something very special for this society which only we can do in this quality.

However, we must make a truly serious effort to find out our own talents, passions and values, to choose a suitable task, to set ourselves attainable goals, and to walk the path to the goal with faith and enthusiasm in spite of difficulties.




As Sir Winston Churchill said: “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without losing one’s enthusiasm”.

This is only possible, however, for those who deal constructively with the actions that have led to failure; this also includes knowing oneself or getting to know oneself, for only in this way can one think constructively about oneself.

For this one must be able to be alone.

If one looks around today, however, it is noticeable that only a few people can be alone with themselves.

Many even avoid situations of loneliness, of self-contemplation, which may be connected with the fear that many have of seriously dealing with their weaknesses and the mistakes they have made.

In reality, however, we can learn a great deal from these mistakes if we deal with them constructively. In this way we can learn how to avoid making the same mistake again and again and how to act against our own weaknesses or how to accept those weaknesses which we cannot eliminate.

So the key to success is not so much the strong will with which we strive for a goal, but above all the belief that we can achieve it.

Where will and faith face each other, will is without exception subject to will.

The following example is intended to support this assertion:

Assuming a thick board is lying on the floor, if someone would ask you if you would go over that board for 50 Euros, you would most likely agree.

What if the same board was lying 10 m above the ground on two opposite walls?

Of course, you would still like to cross the board, but the lack of faith that you can safely reach the other end of the board may prevent you from doing so.

Most people don’t want to believe, they want to know for sure whether something is working or not, they shy away from risk and want to reach their goals safely and comfortably – but every new start, every business start-up holds great chances, but also a certain risk.

Every one of us is called or destined in a very special way to fulfil a concrete task in his life that demands fulfilment. No other person can do this in our place, and no one can live his life a second time.


“In other words, the life task that each one of us is given is just as unique as the chance to fulfill it.”


By the way, this is a quotation from Viktor E. Frankl (1905-1998), an Austrian psychiatrist and psychotherapist and founder of existential analysis and logotherapy.

Perhaps this blog article has inspired you to learn more about the subject of “the task of life”. I can recommend my workshop “Finding the dream job”.


Find the task that gives you meaning, joy and well-being !

A task that you passionately like to do, in which you can develop your talents and character strengths in the best possible way and which you can fulfill in harmony with your values.

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