professional habits with which you can make yourself and others happy

I have fathomed my nature and found out what talents, passions, values, strengths, abilities, experiences and insights I have. I have thought about where I want to work, which favourite topics and areas of interest I have and whether I want to set up a company myself or if so, for which organisation, for which network or for which projects I want to use my skills. Finally, I answered the question, which task I can use to develop my being in the best possible way. This way was very valuable for the further development of my personality. Solutions (products, services, concepts, …) arise in the context of my completely individual task and I do not have to fight hard competition. With my original needs, concepts and project ideas I can help others to fulfil their individual life and learning tasks. I use and train my abilities by doing many things myself, e.g. renovating my house or repairing electrical appliances and my vehicles as far as possible. My reward is directly linked to the meaning I give to my life with my task. The more meaningful I feel my task, the more I am rewarded by myself, with inner peace and contentment..

Further information on the online workshop “Finding the dream job”.

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