(Deutsch) Verbinde dich mit dem großen Geist, mit dir selbst und mit deinen Mitgeschöpfen

habits of relationship with which you can make yourself and others happy

Please don’t think I’m telling you how to live now.

I can’t do that and I don’t want to!

Just read it through and let yourself be inspired. I have had good experiences with these habits and can therefore recommend them calmly and with a clear conscience.

It is clear to me that there is only one person whom I can change safely and successfully – myself.

However, I can very well encourage you to try something new and that is exactly why I introduce you to these habits.

Verbinde dich mit dem großen Geist, mit dir selbst und mit deinen Mitgeschöpfen

*** My relationship to nature, to myself and to other people ***

Everything begins with the appreciation of life itself, whether it is the life of a human being, an animal or a plant. It is particularly important to feel that one’s own life is valuable and important. I notice this in the fact that I feel comfortable in my skin.

I feel comfortable in my skin because I adhere to the following rules consistently:

Preserve nature
Always keep your self-esteem at a high level
Give your fellow man all possibilities, so that he can unfold completely freely.
Work constructively with your fellow human beings

In a nutshell, I will do the following to comply with the previously mentioned rules:

I always do my best and only do what I really need, so I bend justified criticism of myself and others effectively.
I believe in myself and my abilities and try it first before I claim that something is not possible. So I don’t ask long, if I find something good, then I do it, observe my inner feeling and if it fits I continue. As I do it, I face the problems that arise and think very carefully about how I do what.
I am fully aware of my responsibility for what I say and act accordingly. Very important: If I already criticize someone, then I tell him that directly and not to others. I know how this blasphemy poisons interpersonal relationships before others and therefore leave it alone.
I don’t take anything personally because I know that the other person sees and experiences the world quite differently, how I act according to his own experiences and insights.
I ask the other if I do not understand something before I condemn him and then justify this judgement with my assumptions and prejudices about him.

I have become who I really am. I have learned to unfold my being by recognizing my true needs, talents, passions, character strengths and values and by fulfilling the associated life and learning tasks. In addition, I have spent many years openly and honestly dealing with myself and freed myself from all lies and illusions.

I feel deeply connected with Mother Nature, who also created me and all other people. This is also the reason why I have learned to adhere to the laws of life. I have a great respect for all that nature has created, the diversity and beauty of the animal and plant world, as well as the beautiful landscapes.

Those who have made it and sincerely love themselves open doors to a new world. I experienced that myself. Sincere self-love is the foundation for all good things in life. That follows already from the fact that we spend the largest part of our life with ourselves and this time is then good, if we feel well in our skin. Because I love myself, I want to preserve my mental, physical and spiritual health in the best possible way and fulfil my life and learning tasks.

I concentrate on my life goals and use my lifetime and life energy in the best possible way to achieve them. I say this consciously because I used to waste a lot of time guessing what others might think and how I might please others.

The love for myself helps me most effectively to overcome fears and doubts and to believe in my abilities and is also the basis for appreciating other people and understanding them better. This helps me a lot to solve relationship problems through constructive conversations and to prepare our son for a self-determined and self-organized life. I personally evaluate my relationships according to how constructive they are for all partners involved!

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Möchtest du mit uns an den Fundamenten einer Gesellschaft arbeiten, die jeden darin fördert, seinen ganz eigenen Weg zu gehen und sich an den gesellschaftlichen Entscheidungen zu beteiligen? 
Möchtest du in einer Gesellschaft leben, in der es die heute allgegenwärtigen Geld- und Gruppenzwänge nicht mehr gibt?

Wenn ja, dann mach mit bei der Ideenwerkstatt.
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