Gesunderhaltungsgewohnheiten, mit denen du dir selbst und anderen etwas Gutes tun kannst

Please don’t think I’m telling you how to live now.
I can’t do that and I don’t want to!
Just read it through and let yourself be inspired. I have had good experiences with these habits and can therefore recommend them calmly and with a clear conscience.
It is clear to me that there is only one person whom I can change safely and successfully – myself.
However, I can very well encourage you to try something new and that is exactly why I introduce you to these habits.

das Wichtigste im Leben ist die Gesundheit


I know that my body cells alternate with my mind and soul. An active and alert mind also ensures a healthy body. The turbocharger for my mind are my life and learning tasks in which I can develop my inclinations and train my abilities.

For relaxation I listen to half an hour of music and lie flat on my bed with my back for at least 10 minutes and spread my arms and legs so that the nerve energy of my body can balance itself and the tiredness disappears.

I do not smoke and drink very little alcohol. I feed as much as I can after the blood group feeding of Peter d’Adorno. I drink about 2 liters of energized water every day, plus tea and soy/oat milk. As a sugar substitute I use honey and xylitol. I also grow my own fruit and vegetables. I do 2 times a year a 3-day salad fasting cure.

Three times a week I do sports (swimming, cycling, jogging, inline skating, …). My daily routine runs like this: In the morning I think through important daily tasks and capture important goals in pictures. Breakfast is usually served with peppermint tea, oatmeal muesli with fruit or wholemeal rolls with spread. Afterwards there are about 30 min. educational videos or a short walk through the forest.

Then brush your teeth with toothpaste without fluoride. Every morning I do about 15 minutes of back exercises and selected muscle exercises. At noon we have a freshly prepared lunch, mostly vegetables (partly home-grown), spelt / rye noodles, occasionally meat from animal husbandry (game). For dinner there is usually cheese, mackerel fillet, mixed salads, jam or nutella bread, sometimes sausage and lard. If a disease is really imminent, I do not go to the doctor, but first listen to the signals of my body and rely on its self-healing powers.

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Möchtest du mit uns an den Fundamenten einer Gesellschaft arbeiten, die jeden darin fördert, seinen ganz eigenen Weg zu gehen und sich an den gesellschaftlichen Entscheidungen zu beteiligen? 
Möchtest du in einer Gesellschaft leben, in der es die heute allgegenwärtigen Geld- und Gruppenzwänge nicht mehr gibt?

Wenn ja, dann mach mit bei der Ideenwerkstatt.
Erzähle uns von deinen Ideen, Konzepten und Lösungen und hilf uns diese im Rahmen von entsprechenden Initiativen und Projekten umzusetzen.

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