Goals, common values and rules

Life entrepreneur:

have as far as possible free access to their lifetime and life energy
live as far as possible in harmony with themselves and nature
are satisfied inside, with what they do
really experience life, so can live out their own abilities, inclinations, creativity (imagination) and feelings in the best possible way
create sense, joy and well-being from their life and learning tasks
have enough money to live and also for the realization of their ideas
can take part in social decisions with their own voice

In this way everyone uses his power in the best possible way and thus not only the power, but also the money is distributed to as many as possible!

Thus the world in which we live becomes a truly just world.

common values and rules

Our world is determined by our values!

We can then live these values in our everyday lives through appropriate rules. If a group of people is primarily concerned with material values, then people who earn a lot of money and spend a lot of money and create so many material values are valuable.

If it is more about inner values, then people are valuable who know how to make and maintain themselves mentally, psychologically and physically healthy. So they take full responsibility for their lives and enjoy their inner wealth. Their manifold abilities, experiences and insights. Their good habits and values, which contribute to their good attitude towards life.

People who let others have their freedom and resist any temptation to want to control others and force their own will upon them.

This means that the one who simply lives very modestly and enjoys his inner wealth and constantly increases it has no value for those for whom possession and money are everything.

With him they can earn little or no money and he spends little or no money, so he brings no or at least only a small benefit to the have-men.

But for the animals and plants and nature as a whole this modest man is a blessing and for many of his fellow human beings as well.

He helps them with his valuable experiences and insights on their way of life and through his modest way of life he takes nothing away from them.

Who is valuable now? Which values should we live?


In a free and just society, we could largely determine for ourselves what is valuable to us and live these values on a daily basis.

But what happens if society forces us to live the values of the majority with corresponding money and group constraints?

What happens if the values and habits of many people are systematically organized by appropriate systems and rules?

So we can create a new world for ourselves at any time by changing our values.

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