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Money as a measure of value is an illusion

It is the greatest illusion of our time that money or what one can buy with it determines our value as humans and that money offers us some security. It is similar to the donkey running after a carrot that is attached to a bar on his body in such a way that it always […]

Encourage everyone to be creative

According to Mary Lou Cook, creativity means “inventing, experimenting, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun”. Creative people see things that everyone else also sees, but with their knowledge they make connections that no one else has seen. An idea is created by establishing connections between a certain problem and the already known […]

The Internet as a toolbox for your company

Perhaps do you think that entrepreneurs need to be familiar with everything, for example accounting, controlling, financing, management and marketing, human resources and legal matters. In addition, they should be able to manage employees and negotiate with banks, customers and suppliers. Today an entrepreneur does not have to and can no longer do everything, it […]

Wie Zwänge und Verbote (Kinder-)Seelen verletzen

… und was wir dagegen tun können. Warum schreibe ich diesen Artikel? Ich möchte meinen Teil dazu beitragen, daß diese Seelenverletzungen mehr Menschen bewußt werden und so weniger Seelen verletzt werden! Ich habe mich mal eine Zeit lang intensiv mit dem Thema Seelenverletzungen bei Kindern beschäftigt und aufgeschrieben, was mir dazu einfällt und was es […]