Inhalte die dir Mut machen und dich begeistern. Inhalte, die dich anregen, dich auf den Weg zu machen.

(Deutsch) Minimalismus: Wenig brauchen

Money as a measure of value is an illusion

It is the greatest illusion of our time that money or what one can buy with it determines our value as humans and that money offers us some security. It is similar to the donkey running after a carrot that is attached to a bar on his body in…
Ermutigt jeden der seine Kreativität entfaltet

Encourage everyone to be creative

According to Mary Lou Cook, creativity means "inventing, experimenting, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun". Creative people see things that everyone else also sees, but with their knowledge they make connections…
Der Internet-Werkzeugkasten

The Internet as a toolbox for your company

Perhaps do you think that entrepreneurs need to be familiar with everything, for example accounting, controlling, financing, management and marketing, human resources and legal matters. In addition, they should be able to manage employees and…

Why is it so important for our good future that we unfold our creative power as well as possible?

Have fun listening to the answer :-) Audio: Why is it so important for our good future that we develop our creative power as much as possible?    
das-grundeinkommen-ist -eine-gute-investition-in-die-zukunft

Basic income instead of social systems

The social system here refers to social assistance, Hartz4 and unemployment benefits. This is the basic security that a person receives so that he can survive in our society if he has no income. One cannot really contain the costs for our…

the one who is unique need not fear competition

If each one of us would fully develop his being (talents, passions, values, ...), he would automatically distinguish himself from his competitors by his uniqueness. Thus the hard laws of nature, which are valid in the animal and plant…

Better to start today than tomorrow

  It's always better to be committed to your good future today than to start tomorrow. You don't have to ask anyone for permission, neither an individual nor a group leader, just yourself. Give yourself permission and question…

trust in your abilities and believe that you can do great things

One of the most important hurdles each of us has to overcome is to trust himself and his abilities more. We all have talents, passions and values which enable us to do something very special for this society which only we can do in this quality. However,…

Short Story: The Little Stream and the Desert

Once upon a time there was a small stream that came to the edge of a great desert. He was afraid to go on. The change and the unknown were not at all familiar to the stream. He wanted to have more water and lead a more beautiful life,…