Tagtäglich das tun, was wir wirklich möchten, dabei viel lernen und uns weiterentwickeln und dazu den Computer und das Internet so gut wie möglich nutzen.
Werte und Gewohnheiten, mit denen wir Verantwortung für unser Leben und die Gesellschaft übernehmen.

(Deutsch) Minimalismus: Wenig brauchen
sich -selbst-fortlaufend-weiterentwickeln

educational habits with which you can do something good for yourself and others

educational habits My parents raised me to be a person who trusts his own perception, who thinks and acts self-determinedly and can organize his own life. I was allowed a lot, but I had to take responsibility for everything I…

Gesunderhaltungsgewohnheiten, mit denen du dir selbst und anderen etwas Gutes tun kannst

Please don't think I'm telling you how to live now. I can't do that and I don't want to! Just read it through and let yourself be inspired. I have had good experiences with these habits and can therefore recommend them calmly and with a clear…

Review of the book: your dream on the test bench

This blog is about the book with the title "Ihr Traum auf dem Prüfstand" (1st edition , entfalt media GmbH, November 2010, 261 pages, 978-3-941986-02-2). I have read it and I think this book is an extremely valuable guide for anyone…

Rezension zum Buch: Bullshit Jobs

Bullshit-Jobs werden im Buch wie folgt definiert: Ein Bullshit-Job ist eine Beschäftigungsform, die so völlig sinnlos, unnötig oder schädlich ist, dass selbst der Arbeitnehmer ihre Existenz nicht rechtfertigen kann. Es geht also gerade…

professional habits with which you can make yourself and others happy

I have fathomed my nature and found out what talents, passions, values, strengths, abilities, experiences and insights I have. I have thought about where I want to work, which favourite topics and areas of interest I have and whether…

We can acquire knowledge, not visions and dreams.

We can acquire knowledge, visions and dreams not! These are firmly connected with us - they are the Content our soul. You can learn everything. Structuring information, Analyzing problems, arguing, but a vision, You can't learn it,…

Personal happiness

People who have found their own personal happiness are successful. They are the treasure that motivates them day after day to get up in the morning, to appreciate. Those who have found their thing are freer and more independent, because he…

The gift of nature may be unpacked by

The cemeteries are full of people, who have their very individual inclinations, talents and abilities, because of the many obligations and never lived out morals. Many of us must therefore and forced to take their gifts of nature back…

Many people become unattractive the moment you find out how they think

By the way, this insight comes from Damien Marley. What could be the reason for this? I think it is because many people want to see themselves in others. But they awaken more and more from this illusion the more they find out about…