Antworten auf die Frage: Wie sieht eine Lebensumgebung aus, in der wir uns optimal entfalten und weiterentwickeln können?


(Deutsch) Ideen für ein menschenfreundliches Finanzsystem

" width="600" height="438" /> Schaut man aber genauer hin, versteht man, dass nicht das Geld arbeitet, sondern andere Menschen, denen man entsprechend viel wegnimmt. Traurige Beispiele dafür sind die vielen Millionen Menschen bei uns,…
(Deutsch) Das Grundkonzept für ein neues Bildungssystem

Das eBook zum "Grundkonzept für ein neues Bildungssystem"

This eBook (book) is about a new educational system. The main task of this educational system is: To unfold the creativity inherent in every human being in the best possible way and to use it for the good of all of us! Today's educational…
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educational habits with which you can do something good for yourself and others

educational habits My parents raised me to be a person who trusts his own perception, who thinks and acts self-determinedly and can organize his own life. I was allowed a lot, but I had to take responsibility for everything I…

The goal of our education

The ultimate goal of our education is to recognize and unfold our being (talents, passions, values, character strengths and weaknesses, ...). That we have achieved the goal of education is shown by our works, deeds and the way in which we…

Why should we introduce a basic income and abandon the old social systems?

Have fun listening to the answer :-) Audio: Why should we introduce a basic income and say goodbye to the old social systems ? Das Grundeinkommen enthält die Botschaft: Ich glaube an dich und deine Fähigkeiten und gebe dir mit diesem…
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The Internet is not a mass market in the long run, but offers the opportunity for a mass of markets.

The Internet offers the chance for many small businesses to emerge, from which many providers can make a living. But the Internet is also a virtual image of our society and of the values and habits of the masses! As already in the…
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Basic income instead of social systems

The social system here refers to social assistance, Hartz4 and unemployment benefits. This is the basic security that a person receives so that he can survive in our society if he has no income. One cannot really contain the costs for our…

understand that we are all different and benefit greatly from it

The great task which must be mastered is that we finally realize that every human being who can develop his being does not only do the best for his own well-being, but also makes his most valuable contribution to the well-being of his fellow…

Our system and the money and group constraints associated with it guide us

  With the help of the ruling system. System guardian, the great mass with the help of the Money and group coercion. These constraints have corresponding values and habits, which change the character and the so that the fate…

How should this new living environment be created ?

In the same way as our current living environment (the industrial society) was created, namely by the fact that the majority of people in our society live certain values and habits on a daily basis. The new living environment is…