Welche Ängste, Zweifel, Probleme und Zwänge können uns auf unserem Weg begegnen? Was hindert uns daran unser ganz eigenes Leben zu leben?

(Deutsch) wir sind auch verantwortlich fuer das was wir nicht tun

Wie Zwänge und Verbote (Kinder-)Seelen verletzen

... und was wir dagegen tun können. Warum schreibe ich diesen Artikel? Ich möchte meinen Teil dazu beitragen, daß diese Seelenverletzungen mehr Menschen bewußt werden und so weniger Seelen verletzt werden! Ich habe mich mal eine Zeit…
(Deutsch) wir-sind-keine-computer-die-mit-wissen-befuellt-werden

How do we Germans react to the social changes that are actually necessary?

The following statement by change consultant Edgar Rodehack inspired me to write this article: "The biggest problem of our economy at the moment is that managers and employees alike are trying to stop a sales and product crisis that cannot…
im alten Bildungssystem werden unsere Potentiale ungenuegend entfaltet

In the old educational system, our potentials are insufficiently unfolded

In our old educational system, our manifold potentials and talents are not developed sufficiently, and in order to make it easier for curriculum creators, the manifold abilities and inclinations are reduced to a manageable number of subjects.…

Review of the book: your dream on the test bench

This blog is about the book with the title "Ihr Traum auf dem Prüfstand" (1st edition , entfalt media GmbH, November 2010, 261 pages, 978-3-941986-02-2). I have read it and I think this book is an extremely valuable guide for anyone…
Chancen-sind-oft -schlecht-sichtbar

The Internet is not a mass market in the long run, but offers the opportunity for a mass of markets.

The Internet offers the chance for many small businesses to emerge, from which many providers can make a living. But the Internet is also a virtual image of our society and of the values and habits of the masses! As already in the…
Die ganzheitliche Lösung für eine artgerechte Lebensumgebung

The holistic solution for the self-organizing society at a glance

Why do we fail as a society? The main reason for this is that political and economic leaders (the so-called elite) ultimately make all decisions and (apparently) assume responsibility for their decisions. For this reason, very few people…

Why is it that we are no longer successful as a society?

I think they are the societies that have become much more complex due to technology (computer-controlled machines, Internet, ...) and globalization. Within the framework of the old system, this complexity is no longer manageable. Thus it…

Clear signals showing that we do not live in a species-appropriate living environment

We live in a society today: where the one who thinks and acts differently than the great mass of his fellow human beings (e.g. thinks critically about society and presents alternatives | who is passionate about his heart affairs | who…