das-grundeinkommen-ist -eine-gute-investition-in-die-zukunft

Money habits with which you can do something good for yourself and others

For me, money is a means to an end which makes it possible for us to exchange our services flexibly. I invest my money in self-selected projects where I have the feeling that I can live out my inclinations and gain valuable experience and knowledge. Later I can call them up again and again, enjoy them or use them to solve various problems. These memories (with their pictures, words, sentences, emotions, thoughts, noises, smells, etc.) are much more intense than any passively experienced Hollywood film.

das-grundeinkommen-ist -eine-gute-investition-in-die-zukunft

I earn money as a coach and trainer by putting my skills, experience, knowledge and creativity at the service of others. I evaluate the success of my work according to how much sense, joy in exciting challenges and well-being I have at work. I offer the alternative currency “Minuto” as a payment system for my self-study courses. In this way I can effectively counteract the money pressure of the central banks, because the money is scooped up again where it is generated by real performance, with the makers on the spot. A future-oriented solution for my current account is on the way. If I have any money left, I will invest it in companies that serve the common good and in meaningful projects. Usually I use so-called crowdfunding platforms.

It is even more important for me than earning money to save money and thus valuable life time and life energy in order to store them for important heart goals. I save medical expenses by maintaining my physical, mental and spiritual health in the best possible way. As I continue to increase my inner wealth, I don’t need big houses, expensive cars, long distance travel and brand clothes to be someone and save a lot of money. Since I carry out many repairs on the house or on vehicles and equipment as far as possible myself, I save a lot of money. Here the Internet helps me, which gives me access to the experiences and knowledge of other hobbyists. I do not incur any debts and thus save myself the lavish interest services. Also I have only the most necessary insurances and other contracts. I save energy where I can and generate some of my own electricity. I only buy what I really need and I prefer to rent rather than buy it. I buy quality-consciously and use the things as long as it goes and repair rather, before I throw away. Where it makes sense, I share and use things together with others and I buy when possible, used or exchanged. All this is good for the environment and your wallet.

I am also actively committed to the introduction of a direct democracy, because I am convinced that this will enable us to limit expenditure on all kinds of social and construction projects and on many dubious research projects, and thus on taxes and public debt.

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