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Video course: Live enthusiastically, learn enthusiastically

Surely you know the problem that you actually already know what is important and what needs to be done, but you cannot realize it in the long run.
With this workshop or video course you will learn how to develop your potential.
How what you think gets from the head to the body and thus to the real action.
This videocourse is only available in german!

If you work through the video course, you’ll learn this:

  • what enthusiasm feels like
  • what can inspire us people in general
  • what it feels like when enthusiasm is lacking
  • what is the reason why we are not (for a long time) enthusiastic
  • why your intentions must suit you
  • that it’s not enough just to judge, you really have to choose.
  • how your subconscious can block you
  • why you can’t be thrilled when you lack the necessary self-confidence
  • for what we use our willpower.
  • how you can train your willpower in a targeted way
  • how to use your limited willpower strategically
  • how you can combine the learning content with your personal interests and thus enjoy learning more
  • how you realize why you’re learning.
  • how to recognize and resolve inner conflicts
  • how you can describe your learning goals as precisely as possible
  • how you can put your learning goals into pictures
  • how you can divide the main learning objective into partial learning objectives and thus also get enthusiastic
  • about comprehensive learning tasks
  • a method with which you can arrange and work on the learning tasks according to their importance
  • why you should study at fixed times of the year
  • to reward your achievements
  • how you simplify learning by learning together with others
  • how to simplify learning with the help of appropriate learning tools
  • how you can protect yourself from distractions with your thoughts
  • how you can protect yourself from distractions from other people.
  • how to protect yourself from distractions through the Internet
  • what you can do when you are faced with an unpleasant or very difficult task
  • what you can do if you don’t know what to do right now.
  • what you can do if your learning path lasts forever
  • what you can do if you have an absolute low mood
  • 2 universal methods for self-motivation
  • what “if-then plans” are and how you can use them for yourself in critical situations
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Möchtest du mit uns an den Fundamenten einer Gesellschaft arbeiten, die jeden darin fördert, seinen ganz eigenen Weg zu gehen und sich an den gesellschaftlichen Entscheidungen zu beteiligen? 
Möchtest du in einer Gesellschaft leben, in der es die heute allgegenwärtigen Geld- und Gruppenzwänge nicht mehr gibt?

Wenn ja, dann mach mit bei der Ideenwerkstatt.
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