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What are life entrepreneurs?

The life entrepreneur philosophy in a few words:

The core questions of all life entrepreneurs are:
Why is it worth living for me?
How can I develop optimally, i.e. learn effectively?
How can the various software tools and internet services help me to solve my daily tasks easier and faster?


Lebensunternehmer nutzen den wind-des-wandels-indem sie windmuehlen-bauen

With regard to the current situation of social change the most important question is:

How can we be consistent with our current political and economic situation and make the most of it for our lives and at the same time build the long-term foundation for our good future?

When it comes to “making money”, the people we work for must continue to give their best.

At the same time it is important to make sure that we earn our money in such a way that the tax wasters and those who devalue our savings can take as little as possible of our money and thus of our lifetime and life energy.

Therefore we save life entrepreneurs in all conceivable areas of our life and only take what we really need. By doing without much that is only apparently important, we can save a lot of money and thus have a full account full of life time and life energy that we can use for our heart affairs.

We then use the life time and life energy gained in this way, in accordance with our possibilities and abilities, to drive forward the change towards a self-organizing society based on our personal responsibility.

In this way, we take the substance of the old system, from which less of us benefit year after year, and create the breeding ground for the new!

Who is interested in the life entrepreneur philosophy?

Basically for every human being!

In old age, it is a matter of using the still available life energy and lifetime as sensibly as possible.

For the others, it is about directing the available life energy and lifetime in the most meaningful way possible.

From this it follows that the philosophy of the life entrepreneurs is applicable for older people as well as for all others – only with different preconditions.

Particularly important target groups are:

the many inventors, visionaries, artists and other creators who wish for a society in which they can freely develop (keyword: basic income)

all those who want to actively participate in political decisions with their solutions, concepts, experiences and insights (keyword: direct democracy)

those who want to get out of the hamster wheel and therefore want to build a source of income tailored to their own abilities and inclinations that will make them less dependent on industrial employers or the state

all those who do not resign themselves to their unemployment but want to have new meaningful and fulfilling tasks where they can develop their talents, passions and values

those who would like to learn how to use the Internet to acquire autodidactic knowledge in all important areas of daily life in order to become more independent (e.g. carry out repairs themselves as far as possible ** buy good and cheap ** build up an alternative energy supply, …)

those who are inwardly ready to build a new self-responsible and self-organizing society


Anyone can immediately start becoming a life entrepreneur. You really don’t have to ask anyone for permission to go this way, neither an individual nor a group leader, just yourself. Give yourselves permission and go this way, you will lose some of what seems valuable to you today, but you will win much more what you do not even know today.
Also, you don’t have to join a group to make it. You can do this all by yourself and where you really can’t get any further on your own, you can work with others, either with the help of the Internet and thus relatively independent of place and time, or directly on site in your church.

To make your journey easier, you can also take advantage of my coaching, workshops, video courses and eBooks.

But what are life entrepreneurs …

Again and again I am asked why I call the people who fulfil their own life and learning tasks and actively participate in social decisions life entrepreneurs and how I came up with the term.

For me, this person with new values and habits was simply a new person at the very beginning. But somehow this term did not fit because it was too general. So I called these new people entrepreneurs (instead of employees).

But even this term was not optimal, because it does not describe the new person very precisely. Entrepreneurs in our system today are forced to make financial profits in order to survive. Frequently they have to do things they don’t want to do and often this is associated with great disadvantages for their own welfare (conscience conflicts, permanent lack of money, negative stress, secondary diseases, too little time for rest, …) and damages the general welfare in the long run (debts for which the taxpayer is liable, rising health insurance contributions, insolvencies and bankruptcies, …).

The new people, on the other hand, in their new environment (new goals, new values, basic income, direct democracy, …), should be supported in the best possible way so that they can experience a lot of meaning, joy and well-being in their lives and thus serve their own well-being and the common good in the best possible way. Everyone should be allowed to carry out his or her own individual life and learning tasks and grow from them. Everyone should be allowed to live as self-determined and self-organized as possible and to allow themselves the necessary time off to prevent illnesses due to overload.

One day, I got from Günther Faltin, whom I wrote to because of a co-operation, the reference to the American economist and philosopher Frithjof Bergmann, who brought the term into being. I read then a little in its articles, which it published in the Internet and saw very much similarities between the life entrepreneur and the new humans. So I finally chose this term.

If you look around our world in such a way, then you come quite automatically into thinking. An example for the daily madness, which we life entrepreneurs do not want to take part in any more, is the following.

Many people sit there all day, with a wrong sitting posture and without even thinking about back exercises, at their computer and then drive to the gym in the evening to do something about their back pain. It is not unusual for such people to get involved in letters to the editor and web forums to protest against the high contributions of the health insurance companies and the high gasoline prices.

Such a way of life ensures that we always have a lot to do to earn the money for the state, the health specialists, the health insurance employees and the fitness center operators, but does that really make sense?

A rethinking, in many important areas of life, would really contribute a lot to our health and well-being, protect the environment and also our purse. Since we have to live healthier and earn less money by rethinking, we can use the life time and life energy we have gained to fulfill our actual life and learning tasks, or simply have fun and spend more time with the people we feel comfortable with.

The first step is to recognize reality as such. So critically question what we do and take responsibility for it.

So what distinguishes a person who undertakes his life especially is that he knows that he creates his own reality with his thoughts. Life entrepreneurs are convinced that to a large extent they can determine their fate themselves and therefore do not believe that prophecies or higher beings from whom these come predestine their fate.

They therefore do not wait for the signals of any prophecies, but build with their thoughts and deeds, step by step their concept of life or the world in which they would like to live. Life entrepreneurs do not rely on others shaping their future, but feel responsible for it themselves and use their commitment, their abilities and their creativity for it.

Therefore, the thoughts of the life entrepreneurs are directed towards the following main goals:

fulfil their own life and learning tasks and in this way live out their talents, passions and values in the best possible way
to have a say in society within the framework of a direct democracy, and to actively work to ensure that all organisations and institutions are managed as well as possible within the framework of networks rather than hierarchies


Because the life entrepreneurs pursue clear goals in their lives, they are fully aware of how important their own thoughts are. They know that with their values, that is with what is valuable to them, they can influence their thoughts in a very targeted way. That is why they pay very close attention to listening to their hearts and to perceiving clearly what is really important and valuable for their lives.

Life entrepreneurs know that their thoughts are the cause of what they do, but also of what they do not do. They know that their actions, in the course of time, become their habits and the sum of all habits, determine their character and thus their destiny. Since they understand this chain of events exactly, they know that they themselves are the creators and bearers of their destiny and do not blame others for it.

Life entrepreneurs are therefore so attuned that they fully trust their own perception, determine their own world of thought, share their experiences, insights and abilities with others in the best possible way, and in this way create an environment in which everyone can feel at home as far as possible.

Successful life entrepreneurs:

have freed themselves from the fears and doubts that prevent them from going their own way.
trust their own perception and therefore go their own way.
believe in themselves and their abilities and therefore courageously and energetically face up to their life and learning tasks.
have a high self-esteem and self-confidence because they solve their life and learning tasks
share their skills, experiences and knowledge with their fellow human beings
build together a world in which everyone can feel comfortable as far as possible

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