Fragen und Antworten zum Lebenskonzept der Lebensunternehmer

How can we do our lives?

By living according values and habits.

It is particularly important to develop our being in the best possible way and to understand the laws of life. In this way we can develop ourselves in the best possible way.

We did not come into the world just to earn money (for others), to fulfil our duty and to orient our thoughts and actions towards the expectation or recognition of others, but so that we feel comfortable by being able to go our own way.

If many people do this, we can create a whole new living environment (= society) in the course of time.
Who undertakes his life:

* he does what he loves

* learns and grows with his very own tasks

* makes good decisions for itself and the common good and uses the Internet for this purpose meaningfully and helpfully.

do what you love

to be able to do something out of oneself and to follow one’s own sense and thus discover one’s own life and learning tasks, this is a very important ability, in the information society that is just emerging

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Being able to develop oneself means being allowed to be as one is, independent of income, social recognition, social morals and the like. We can only develop ourselves if many others are allowed to do the same. When the movement starts, many constraints fall and we can see our true heart’s desires. In order to satisfy them, we often need others who, with their talents, passions and values, create appropriate services and products. In this way we can give each other valuable and meaningful tasks through our heart’s desires.

learn and grow


learn in a self-determined and self-organised way with the help of the Internet; a very important ability to learn in the emerging information society

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The more successfully we learn, the better our spirit grows and thrives.

The better we can learn, the easier and more flexible we can be:

* to adjust to new situations,
* to use the Internet to quickly and specifically acquire knowledge for practical life,
* familiarize yourself with the possibilities of new technologies,
* participate in network projects, with the help of our computer with Internet access,
* participate actively in political decisions, i.e. participate in discussions, ask questions, build up joint decision-making knowledge and find and implement good solutions,
* to political and economic changes in our environment,

and generally quickly find answers to questions or solutions to problems.

make good decisions


with a healthy common sense, a clear view that is not clouded by acquired values and rules, and a treasure chest full of different life experiences and own insights, all these are the basis for a healthy judgement; this healthy judgement, as a basis for good decisions, is a very important ability, in the emerging information society

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People with good judgement are those who are able to evaluate facts correctly, who can judge themselves and others competently, who trust their own judgement and make good decisions, and who recognize and correct mistakes, problems and contradictions quickly because they continually critically question their thinking and actions.

use the internet sensibly and helpfully


For example, with the help of the Internet, we can participate online in the social decisions that are relevant to us, and thus relatively independent of time and place, with our own voice.
The Internet reduces to a minimum the gigantic organisational effort that would be necessary if citizens’ and referendums were to be held offline.

With the help of the Internet, we can actively participate in network projects and social enterprises that are of interest to us.
Many of these network projects will come into being to implement the direct-democratic decisions!

With the help of the Internet, we can, if necessary and quite specifically, find diverse experiences and insights on a particular problem or topic, with which we can then decide and act more competently.

With the help of the Internet, we can quickly and specifically find the relevant professionals, Internet services and software tools that simplify the tasks at hand or with which we can solve the problems that arise more easily.

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Further down the line, the Internet can even serve as a technical basis for building a largely self-organising society based on individual responsibility.


In this way everyone takes power over himself and his life.

Everyone can benefit in the best possible way from the inclinations, abilities, experiences and insights of each individual.

We need people who follow their hearts and can develop their creativity, talents, passions and values in the best possible way.

In addition, those who have found their very own job are no longer so dependent on jobs in banks, corporations and the state.

Another positive effect is that, when the demand for jobs for employees falls, the organizations and institutions concerned lose power accordingly.

We need people who take responsibility for themselves and for the society in which they live. Both the self-development and the assumption of responsibility are always based on the individual.

True responsibility from the heart is taken by people on the basis of their own experience and knowledge, but never because it is commanded from above.

Let us stop educating people to be obligated, who can fit into groups as smoothly as possible, and let us as parents ensure that our children can develop in the best possible way, just as nature created them.

Basically, we only need an environment (parents, fellow human beings, society) in which the dispositions that nature has placed in us can develop in the best possible way.

If many of us take that seriously and live every day, in the course of time a self-organizing society will emerge automatically, based on the personal responsibility of each individual.

Our future generations, thanks to our courageous and energetic commitment, will then live in this society where many can and will give their best.

Where many people think, learn and be creative :-).

Just as today, thanks to the makers of our previous generations, we can live in an unprecedented material prosperity!

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