Stell dir eine Lebensumgebung vor, in der du jeden Tag daß tun kannst, was du wirklich willst und wo du dich, mit deiner eigenen Stimme an den politischen Entscheidungen beteiligen kannst!

Eine von eigenverantwortlichen Menschen selbst organisierte Gesellschaft, in der jeder sein Bestes geben kann und will – wo viele Menschen gerne denken, lernen und kreativ sind!

In diesem Blog beschreibe ich diese artgerechte Lebensumgebung und wie wir sie uns durch entsprechende Werte und Gewohnheiten erschaffen können.

live the value "inner satisfaction" with the help of appropriate rules

  If you want to live this value, you always keep your self-esteem at a high level! and this is how it works: Me: listen to my conscience and take care not to violate the dignity of others. I'm who I really am and I don't…

Short Story: The Little Stream and the Desert

Once upon a time there was a small stream that came to the edge of a great desert. He was afraid to go on. The change and the unknown were not at all familiar to the stream. He wanted to have more water and lead a more beautiful life,…
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How can we do our lives?

By living according values and habits. It is particularly important to develop our being in the best possible way and to understand the laws of life. In this way we can develop ourselves in the best possible way. We did not come into the…

The Ten Commandments of the Indians

  1. treat the earth and all that lives on it with respect!!! (Sharpen your eyes) 2. Always remain in close contact with the Great Spirit. (Listen to your inner voice) 3. Show great respect for your neighbor (Show respect…

The two main goals for all who undertake their lives

The thoughts of the life entrepreneurs are directed towards the following main goals: to fulfil their own life and learning tasks and in this way to live out their talents, passions and values in the best possible way to have a say…

Our system and the money and group constraints associated with it guide us

  With the help of the ruling system. System guardian, the great mass with the help of the Money and group coercion. These constraints have corresponding values and habits, which change the character and the so that the fate…
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What you should know about freedom and responsibility before you go on your way

The best thing we can do for our own good and for the common good would be to actively work for our freedom and take responsibility for it. The more of us take the trouble to look behind the scenes and form our own judgements, the less others…

Goals, common values and rules

aims Life entrepreneur: have as far as possible free access to their lifetime and life energy live as far as possible in harmony with themselves and nature are satisfied inside, with what they do really experience life, so can live out… das Original - Blogverzeichnis | Blog Top Liste
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