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educational habits with which you can do something good for yourself and others

educational habits

My parents raised me to be a person who trusts his own perception, who thinks and acts self-determinedly and can organize his own life. I was allowed a lot, but I had to take responsibility for everything I had done, so after I had broken it was repairing, after I had tipped it out it was cleaning. I always listen to my inner feeling, because it helps me to make the best decisions for myself. In this way I can do what I see as meaningful out of myself (without external money and group pressure). I know what I have to do when and am also able to cooperate with others in order to achieve similar or identical goals. I have learned to recognize important problems through mindfulness, to describe them and to solve them. For this I use the Internet, which gives me access to any specialized knowledge, above all however to the concepts, solutions, experiences, realizations and ideas of my fellow men. It is therefore a matter of solving very specific problems with the expert knowledge and the experiences and findings of others, instead of just knowing and proving this in the tests ordered from above. In this way I gather very diverse experiences, from which I gain valuable insights through constructive thinking. Thus a very rich store of knowledge develops gradually, which helps me very well to adjust myself again and again flexibly to the appropriate requirements of the respective situation.

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