(Deutsch) Das Grundkonzept für ein neues Bildungssystem

Das eBook zum “Grundkonzept für ein neues Bildungssystem”

This eBook (book) is about a new educational system.
The main task of this educational system is:
To unfold the creativity inherent in every human being in the best possible way and to use it for the good of all of us!
Today’s educational system has roughly tuned us into the systems and rules of an industrial society and prepared us for mass production in industrial enterprises. The aim was to create material prosperity for as many people as possible. We have long since fulfilled this task. We have been losing this widespread material prosperity for decades.
It is now a matter of mastering the next great task: “Building on our material prosperity, now to create as widespread an inner prosperity as possible (peace and inner satisfaction)” – and that without piling up enormous mountains of debt and having to pay huge taxes and social security contributions. The new education system must therefore be geared to this great goal.
An educational system that enables a truly free society, in which we can develop our inclinations and abilities to the best of our ability and participate in decision-making even within the framework of a direct democracy.
The new living environment or society can only be created if we rethink.
The earlier we start to rethink, the better. Children and also young people can naturally think much more flexibly than we adults – if we let them.
For this we need a new educational system in which as many pupils and students as possible learn enthusiastically.
The traditional education system (with the well-known frontal teaching) served as preparation for the later work as employees in the industrial enterprises, banks and for the civil service.
They had one thing in common: they were organized strictly hierarchically. Within the framework of hierarchies, many people can be guided by a small leadership group. The individual had to function as well as possible in order for communication within the hierarchies to work.
Functioning means being determined by others. To do what the small leadership group pretends to do for the many others and to get money and social recognition for it.
Being individual, i.e. thinking and deciding for oneself and following one’s own sense (being stubborn), is forbidden in hierarchies.
It is also clear. The more individual we are, the less we function in the sense of others!
The more individual we are, the more self-critical we are, because we no longer have anyone to whom we can shift the responsibility for our decisions or actions.
For the individual development of our personality, the traditional educational system is a disaster for many people. This is especially noticeable by those who are facing up to economic changes and are therefore already working on their personality accordingly.
People who go their own way today are often called crackpots by others. They are devalued as stubborn and avoided by those who function well in the social sense.
Following one’s own sense is therefore still something in our society that the well-functioning do not find “ok”.
They associate attachments with negative experiences, such as criticism and rejection by their fellow human beings, and therefore see an enemy in everyone who lives out their attachments.
This makes it unnecessarily difficult for every person today who follows his or her own sense and sets out on his or her own path.
Not hard because it’s basically hard, but because the stubborn ones for it are attacked by their fellow human beings.
They have to deal with others who work well in an unpleasant way.
They are ignored, ridiculed, or even fought openly.
This is unfair, because everyone who follows his own sense can freely unfold his creative power, for himself and for the common good, does the best.
Why should he be punished for this?
Through a new kind of education, both at home at home and at school, let us ensure that we can all go our own way undisturbed.
Everyone should be allowed to develop as far as possible freely from money and group constraints to the person he really is!
Only on this path can we freely develop our creative power!
By the way, there is no pious wish, but necessary for survival.
Many of the traditionally educated and trained people cannot lead us with their thinking and acting to the next, genuine economic upswing.
A modern education system is therefore the key to our personal development and thus also to the further development of our society as a whole.
Last but not least, the education of today’s people determines the education of tomorrow’s people, because their thoughts, decisions and hands are the foundation of our society.
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