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Basic income instead of social systems

The social system here refers to social assistance, Hartz4 and unemployment benefits. This is the basic security that a person receives so that he can survive in our society if he has no income.

One cannot really contain the costs for our so-called social system due to its construction (e.g. because politicians otherwise lose votes or are even voted out), but this unjust social system can certainly be overburdened.

That’s what’s happening right now. The export of cars, machines, tools, etc. on pump is gradually reduced, which washes less money into the social funds.

As a result of digitalisation and automation, many millions of people will lose their income and will be dependent on social security systems.

Not to mention the many migrants who receive social assistance from us even though they have never paid into the social security system.

What comes after the unjust and imposed social system?
I hope for the basic income. That covers a person’s existential living costs. It enables a modest but self-determined life.

For everything that goes beyond the existential cost of living, there will probably be a combination of personal responsibility, family support and collective self-help institutions.

First of all, we should clarify important differences between our social system and the basic income.

In the social systems, the recipients are simply parked in the system. They are then dependent on the state or on social assistance financed by taxpayers’ money. The state is responsible for the distribution of taxpayers’ money and for job placement. It is helped because it is a Christian duty and because otherwise people would be forced to become criminals. For example, to procure food or to pay rent and energy costs. Society is happy if the welfare recipients remain peaceful and do not do any more work.

With the basic income, on the other hand, society invests in the firm belief that we are making the best of our lives. The individual no longer necessarily has to earn money to secure his livelihood. Everyone can lead a modest but self-determined life with the basic income. Since we can determine our own lives with a basic income, we are also responsible for what we make of our lives, unlike social assistance. The basic income is also financed by taxpayers’ money, but the costs of administering the basic income and job placement are largely eliminated.

After decades of trying – in vain – to force people with the fear of social welfare or Hartz 4 (= social and financial descent) and the associated money and group pressure to do something they do not want, wise people should finally go new ways.

My suggestion would be to force these people, to do nothing!!

Boredom as a motor for further development into a life entrepreneur.

We could achieve this by simply allowing the long overdue economic depression to continue.

Economic depression is quite natural and has always had a cleansing function, as world history shows.

However, this time we need a depression without need (hunger, thirst, …).

Those who are hungry because they have no income are trying to get food as quickly as possible. You force so many people to become criminals. In such an environment nobody can develop in the long run.

That’s why everyone receives a basic income with which they can live very modestly but self-determinedly.

This creates a living environment in which the people to be healed are stimulated every day with boredom and good examples from courageous and energetic fellow human beings to undertake their lives in a self-determined way.

The basic income would undoubtedly mark the beginning of a period of enlightenment for those people who are still living in accordance with the system today.

With the basic income the existential and therefore frightening money constraints eliminate

Up to a certain limit, material prosperity is absolutely important for our happiness in life.

Up to a certain limit (= subsistence minimum) the quality of life in our society is very much dependent on money.

Above this limit, however, it is above all our attitude to life and the values and habits we live by every day that decide whether we have a good life or not.

In order to ensure that our quality of life does not depend on money, a basic income (= subsistence minimum) would be an optimal solution, at least as long as there is money.

Anyone who has to live below the subsistence level has a hard time because he has too little of everything. Too little for healthy food or once again no money for the necessary electricity. It always fails because a few euros are missing.

why is pure survival in our industrial societies dependent on money at all – why do we only have to “earn money” to survive?

How human would a basic income be, that protects every human being from hunger and homelessness?

With the basic income many people could experience that a modest, but self-determined life is much more fun than a life in material abundance, but full of money and group constraints.

With this basic income we could provide for a high quality of our life in a self-responsible and self-determined way!

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