die Vision von einer Gesellschaft in der viele Menschen gerne denken, lernen und kreativ sind

Start over, in a new environment.

Our society has become so complex that we must make the best possible use of the abilities, experience and knowledge of all in order to find the best solutions and also implement them as a society

We now need a higher-order system with which we can master the higher complexity.

This is not possible with our old systems and rules. We need a direct democracy, networks, a suitable financial system, the basic income and above all people who can give meaning to these systems and rules with their daily values and habits.

We Europeans now stand where we stood during the upheaval from the Middle Ages to modern times in the 15th and 16th centuries (keyword: Renaissance).

Here, too, Europe was plunged into chaos and a new order and higher complexity emerged.

This new order was only made possible by new systems and rules, to which we humans give their meaning with our values and habits.

Of course, this also applies to the new order that will emerge from the current chaos in Europe.

The self-organizing society based on the personal responsibility of each of us!

The viable way of getting there in all brevity:

Make use of your power and help to distribute the concentrated power of the few to the many !

Do what you love, at best with those you love.
→ you take over the power over yourself and can thus, influence yourself and your life in the best possible way in your sense
Demand your say within the framework of a direct democracy
→ you demand the share of power you are entitled to from the society in which you live and can thus influence this society (which also always affects each individual) in the best possible way in your sense
Actively help to ensure that all organisations and institutions are managed as well as possible within the framework of networks rather than hierarchies.
→ you demand the share of power you are entitled to from the organisation/institution in which you work, and in this way you can influence it in the best possible way in your sense

How can I do what I really want to do, I have to earn money?

 With a basic income and corresponding values and habits, we eliminate the aforementioned and many other monetary and group constraints.

Those who receive the basic income can then set off as follows.

I fathom my nature and find out what talents, passions, values, strengths, abilities, experiences and insights I have.

I think about where I want to get involved, i.e. which favourite topics and areas of interest I have and whether I want to set up my own company or if and for which organisation, for which network or for which projects I want to use my skills.

Finally, I answer the question with which task I can best unfold my being.

This way is very valuable for the further development of my personality.

How do I claim my say in a direct democracy?

By gradually introducing a direct democracy, we create the living environment in which we can participate, with our own voice, in the political decisions that interest us.

We give meaning to this active democracy with the following values and habits.

I live consciously and look closely and when I see a social problem that I would like to have solved, I describe that problem and bring it into public discussion via the Internet decision platform. If there are enough other democrats within 3 months who would like to solve this problem, it will be added to the list of relevant decisions, otherwise it will be archived.

I go online with my PC and meet with the other decision participants on the common Internet decision platform and we discuss with the help of web forums and chats, put our solutions to others for discussion, ask questions and clarify each other about the pros and cons of the different solutions and can thus enter together deeply into the respective social problem.

In this way we can change the framework that the system guardians set for us.
With my vision of a species-appropriate environment and new systems and rules, we create this new living environment for ourselves.

The vision of a species-appropriate living environment for us humans


die Vision von einer Gesellschaft in der viele Menschen gerne denken, lernen und kreativ sind

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