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Practical example – What do I do for my mental, physical and spiritual health?

I live healthy
instead of
to harm my health by wrong nutrition and little movement and to increase the health insurance contributions of my fellow men artificially by my frequent doctor visits.

What do I do in concrete terms ?

In order to stay healthy, I do what I enjoy, move sufficiently, do back exercises every morning, don’t smoke (quit 7 years ago) and eat healthy food. We eat a lot of vegetables, fruit and little meat and we drink a lot of (Frank & Schuster)-tea. We get the meat from the Hermannsdorfer Landwerkstätten (keyword: species-appropriate animal husbandry), which work together with Karl Ludwig Schweisfurt – the vegetables and fruit normally from the supermarket.

I find that the health is our most important property, because which makes already joy, if one does not feel healthy.


What do I do every day to maintain my mental, physical and spiritual health?
Basically I know that my body cells interact with my mind and soul. An active and alert mind ensures that the body cells are also in good shape. The turbocharger for my mind is my life task in which I can develop my inclinations and abilities in the best possible way.
I do not smoke and drink very little alcohol. I feed myself as much as possible after the blood group feeding of Peter d’Adorno. Every day I drink about 2 liters of energized water (keyword: Viktor Schauberger), plus tea and soy/oat milk. As a sugar substitute we use honey and xylitol. We do 4 times a year a 3-day salad fasting cure.
I strictly follow the daily routine described below, the daily rituals give structure to my day and make sure that I use my life time and life energy in the best possible way.

in the morning:

after waking up, thinking through important daily tasks, capturing important goals in pictures, …
drink a glass of mineral water (½ litres), wash your face cold, clean your hands with soap, have breakfast, usually a cup of tea and a cup of coffee, 4 times a week there are oatmeal cereals with nuts and fruit we have at home (apples, bananas, grapes, …), the other days a wholemeal roll with jam, honey or chocolate cream
after breakfast there is half an hour of educational television (e.g. interesting learning videos, videos on Youtube) or a short walk in the woods, depending on your mood.
then brush my teeth with a healthy toothpaste without fluoride, aluminium and the like, comb my hair etc., I shower with curd soap two to three times a week – I shower briefly, first warm and then cold, this gets the cells going.
before I start to work, I do about 15 minutes of back gymnastics, exercises on my rowing machine, bench press and a short round on the punching bag.

first I do some small, but currently important tasks (max. 1/2 hour), then about 2 hours of daily tasks (developing and carrying out workshops and coaching sessions, making learning videos, writing articles and publishing them with the help of WordPress or Drupal, further developing the website, implementing advertising ideas for my services and eBooks, planning and carrying out workshops, planning and carrying out lectures, participating in trade fairs and relevant events, looking for participants for the Life Entrepreneur Network, advancing the Life Entrepreneur Vision, i.e. training Life Entrepreneurs and building up the environment for Life Entrepreneurs, …

at noon:

a freshly prepared and usually tasty lunch (no ready meals) by my wife, mostly vegetables, spelt / rye noodles, occasionally meat from animal husbandry, tea or soy / oat milk, after the meal I usually treat myself to something sweet (chocolate, gummi bears, paradise fruits, …)
in the afternoon:
after lunch I work again for 1 to 2 hours on important daily tasks, then I either do sports (swimming, cycling, jogging, inline skating, skating in winter or sometimes skiing), ride a motorbike, do manual housework etc. or just take a little break to think about things.
after that I work again for 1 to 2 hours on important daily tasks

in the evening:

in the evening between 16:30 and 17:00 I pick up my son from kindergarten and play with him until my wife comes home from her half-day job at about 18:00 – we then eat together, talk about important thoughts and experiences of the day
to eat there is mostly cheese, mackerel fillet, mixed salads, jam or Nutella breads, a few slices of sausage, crackling fat, tea or soya/oat milk
after dinner I often do handicrafts, e.g. at my solar and wind power plant, house repairs, lawn mowing and whatever else I have to do, then I listen to half an hour of music and lie down flat on my bed with my back for at least 10 minutes and spread my arms and legs, so the nerve energy of my body can balance itself and the tiredness can be reduced.

I usually dream of long-term goals or recall our travel memories
afterwards I work again for 1 to 3 hours on important daily tasks
so around 23:30 I let the day end, depending on how I drink a small glass of Baileys or half a glass of wheat and think a little about the day, what I have achieved everything that has happened.
then brush my teeth and go to bed, mostly I read something else (mostly nature books with lots of pictures, sometimes also Clever & Smart)
Mother Nature will do the rest.

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