(Deutsch) Das Grundkonzept für ein neues Bildungssystem

Das eBook zum "Grundkonzept für ein neues Bildungssystem"

This eBook (book) is about a new educational system. The main task of this educational system is: To unfold the creativity inherent in every human being in the best possible way and to use it for the good of all of us! Today's educational…
sich -selbst-fortlaufend-weiterentwickeln

educational habits with which you can do something good for yourself and others

educational habits My parents raised me to be a person who trusts his own perception, who thinks and acts self-determinedly and can organize his own life. I was allowed a lot, but I had to take responsibility for everything I…

The goal of our education

The ultimate goal of our education is to recognize and unfold our being (talents, passions, values, character strengths and weaknesses, ...). That we have achieved the goal of education is shown by our works, deeds and the way in which we…
im alten Bildungssystem werden unsere Potentiale ungenuegend entfaltet

In the old educational system, our potentials are insufficiently unfolded

In our old educational system, our manifold potentials and talents are not developed sufficiently, and in order to make it easier for curriculum creators, the manifold abilities and inclinations are reduced to a manageable number of subjects.…