Why is it so important for our good future that we unfold our creative power as well as possible?

Have fun listening to the answer :-) Audio: Why is it so important for our good future that we develop our creative power as much as possible?    

Review of the book: your dream on the test bench

This blog is about the book with the title "Ihr Traum auf dem Prüfstand" (1st edition , entfalt media GmbH, November 2010, 261 pages, 978-3-941986-02-2). I have read it and I think this book is an extremely valuable guide for anyone…

the one who is unique need not fear competition

If each one of us would fully develop his being (talents, passions, values, ...), he would automatically distinguish himself from his competitors by his uniqueness. Thus the hard laws of nature, which are valid in the animal and plant…

We can acquire knowledge, not visions and dreams.

We can acquire knowledge, visions and dreams not! These are firmly connected with us - they are the Content our soul. You can learn everything. Structuring information, Analyzing problems, arguing, but a vision, You can't learn it,…

Personal happiness

People who have found their own personal happiness are successful. They are the treasure that motivates them day after day to get up in the morning, to appreciate. Those who have found their thing are freer and more independent, because he…

The gift of nature may be unpacked by

The cemeteries are full of people, who have their very individual inclinations, talents and abilities, because of the many obligations and never lived out morals. Many of us must therefore and forced to take their gifts of nature back…

Many people become unattractive the moment you find out how they think

By the way, this insight comes from Damien Marley. What could be the reason for this? I think it is because many people want to see themselves in others. But they awaken more and more from this illusion the more they find out about…

Short Story: The Little Stream and the Desert

Once upon a time there was a small stream that came to the edge of a great desert. He was afraid to go on. The change and the unknown were not at all familiar to the stream. He wanted to have more water and lead a more beautiful life,…