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How do we Germans react to the social changes that are actually necessary?

The following statement by change consultant Edgar Rodehack inspired me to write this article:
“The biggest problem of our economy at the moment is that managers and employees alike are trying to stop a sales and product crisis that cannot be stopped. They are doing what they have always done and how they have done it: Put another scoop on it. The means of success of the past – diligence! Commitment! Efficiency! – are applied.
I think this development in the economy can also be observed in our schools.
Here, too, more is simply being done. Even more learning content, administered via frontal teaching and even more homework!
Why are no new learning methods being tried out and the whole thing being further optimised?
Why is our school system not being geared to the new requirements of the information society that is just emerging?
For example, with the help of the initiative: Enthusiastic learning!
In our society, the ministries of education of the respective countries would actually be responsible for such fundamental changes!
But they react in the same way as the farmer, who complains that he gets nowhere because of his chickens. He had to catch them all the time! When asked why he didn’t build a fence, he said annoyed: he really didn’t have time for that. After all, he had to catch chickens.
The solution is no longer the old one, but something completely new!

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