Why is it that we are no longer successful as a society?

I think they are the societies that have become much more complex due to technology (computer-controlled machines, Internet, …) and globalization.

Within the framework of the old system, this complexity is no longer manageable. Thus it is the cause of many undesirable developments, the consequences of which we are currently experiencing.

This system of hierarchies, debt money system, social system, representative democracy, social market economy and countless laws provides the framework for our living environment.

This system organizes the values and habits of many people in our society through various monetary and group constraints.

This system supports the efforts of many people to shift responsibility onto their fellow human beings.

In this way, it ensures that the power and thus also the money is concentrated in a few people.



How does this system work?

The System Guardians artificially create a lack of money and/or a lack of recognition of our performance.

How can this be imagined in practice?

We must earn money in order to secure our existence (food, drink, housing, …).

If we don’t earn any money, we have to live on unemployment benefits or fall immediately on Hartz4.

By the way, a basic income would counteract this. We would have to live very modestly, but would be free of any fears of existence.

To the lack of money then still the lack of acknowledgment of our achievement adds by the others.

Those who can no longer afford many things are no longer really part of it.

Because those who are unemployed have other worries and problems than those who have a job in industry, the state or the banks.

So people, who have to live from Hartz4, have no more problems with the boss, the superiors or the customers, but for example with the Hartz4 official.

These people are now, although they may have paid into the social systems for decades, outsiders!!

Since this condition would be very unpleasant for most – by our system socialsierten humans -, the system forces everyone to the money to earn.
As if controlled by an invisible hand, without the individual really being aware of it.

So we are guided by money and group constraints without consciously perceiving it!

And that is where the system wants us to be, because we can only earn money with system-compliant work.

How can you practically imagine that?

System-compliant are, for example, the available industrial jobs or craftsman jobs or vacancies at the state and at the banks.

Tasks that lead to changes in the system are not system-compliant.

Practical examples are social visionaries, inventors of free energy devices or media or journalists who do not write in conformity with the system.

The system guardians therefore set the framework as best they can by allowing us to earn money.
What benefits the system is promoted by subsidies and a good press.

What could lead to changes in the system is blocked and hidden from the public eye.

Since we have all been socialised, not only the system guardians work for the system, but also most of our fellow human beings, without noticing it themselves.
The system organizes its values and habits, so to speak.

The constant pressure of money and group pressure on us has blunted many people.

They only feel the pain when they feel it on their own bodies or when their values and habits give them a severe blow of fate.

Surely we can withdraw into our inner being and thus make some of these constraints harmless.

But there are also money and group constraints that we cannot simply escape from by reflecting on our inner self, for example:

high taxes and social security contributions over which we have no direct political influence
a government that piles up public debt and that cannot be effectively democratically prevented from doing so
Too many people who discourage each other.

too many fellow human beings who condemn the otherness (the individuality of the other), i.e. evaluate it negatively

too many fellow human beings who resign themselves because they have resigned themselves to the prevailing injustices and adverse living conditions

Now we can do it the way many of our fellow men do.

We are blunted by these money and group constraints that constantly affect us.

This means that we only feel the pain when we feel it on our own bodies or when our values and habits give us a severe blow of fate.

The other way to escape these external constraints is to build a new environment in which these money and group constraints simply no longer exist!

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